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We offer production services and creative direction aiming to create the truly diverse video and photo content that modern audiences demand.

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Padilla, 240, Bajos Interior 08013 Barcelona
Martí Torrebadella Executive Producer Albert Estruch Creative Director Marc Sancho Creative Director Tània Gàrriz Head of Finance Susana Ripa Producer Angie Quintana Producer Xènia Provins Production Manager Laura Castells Production Assistant Arnau Soria Producer & Head of Content Andrés Mellinas Content Producer Alvaro Augusto Content Script Pau Pitarch Editor & Postproduction Coordinator

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Sen Senra

Starting off the main concept, the sky, an objective approach has been applied to this music video.

Maria SosaQuerida
· Direct by Maria Sosa · Creative Direction by Querida · DOP Pepe Gay de Liebana · Edit by Aitor Bigas · VFX by La Remedios · Color by Joseph Bicknell
Santa & Cole
Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole has been an independent and global editor of design products since 1985. Thirty six years later and following the same approach they have followed as furniture editors, the company is now expanding its catalogue by publishing books, artworks and musical instruments.

Since the brand is best known for producing some of the finest lighting products in the market, it made total sense to use light as the main character to introduce their new lines of business.

Miquel DiazQuerida
· Directed by Miquel Díaz · Creative Direction by Mañana, Querida · Produced by Mañana · DOP Pepe Gay · Art direction by Alexandra Jordana · Edited by Askforcherrycola
Nathy Peluso
Billboard X Honda Stage

Nathy Peluso is a mixture of feelings, music, majesty — everything it takes to be a superstar. This documentary shows how her upbringing with "Latin music, music fever, and dancing" set her down that path and how she pushes herself to achieve her dreams.

· Directed by Alfred Marroquin · Production Supervisor - Yamel Thompson (Agüita) · DP by Nauzet Gaspar · Edit by Pau Luzón · Color by Joseph Bicknell · Sound designby Staub Audio
Asics x SVD

"Rewind the planet, rewind waste" reinterprets the GEL-LYTE™ III by Asics with an eco-conscious approach by minimizing waste and giving it a second life.

Maria SosaQuerida
· Directed by Maria Sosa · Creative direction by Querida · Produced by Mañana · 3D by Digo Digital · Archive footage by Pau Geis · Photography by Fabrizio Colque · Copy by Francisca Torres · Editing and sound design by Askforcherrycola · Captured by Pol García Sala · Music by Mans O
Soon in Tokyo

Aitor Bigas
· Direct by Aitor Bigas · Agency Soon In Tokyo · Produced by Mañana · DOP by Pepe Gay de Liebana · Archive Research & Design by Gemma Penya · Art Director by Núria Galí · Music & Sound Design by Biel Blancafort · Color by Julia Rossetti
Santa & Cole

Autores is a series in collaboration with Santa&Cole that explores the everyday life of some of their collaborators. Going from painters to light installation artists, we get inside their homes and work spaces to see how they work and to discover where their imaginary comes from. Featuring Marcos Isamat, Antoni Arola, Sílvia Martínez Palou and Carmen Galofré.

Fabrizio ColqueMarc Puig
· Direct by Marc Puig · Creative direction by Querida · DOP by Pol G. Sala · Edit by Pau Luzón · Sound design by Joaquín Faúndez · Music by Marc Little · Interview and coordination by Andrea Coll and Julia Pettersson Salom · Photos by Fabrizio Colque

S/S '21 collection for Camisas Manolo, the new fashion project by Madrid based tailor Manuel Molina. The brand offers exclusive made-to-measure shirts for men.

· Direct by Albert Moya · Creative Direction by Querida · Graphic Design by Querida